About the Artist

Leeandra Durfey was born and raised in the rural farming town, Davis Junction Illinois. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Marketing Degree at the University of Denver, where she will graduate in 2017. After the incarceration of her father five years ago, she turned to art as a way to cope with the effects it had on her and her family. The subject of incarceration then became her focus for visual expressions in art as well as the common theme for her research. Her artwork is often a combination of traditional art media, installation works, and mixed media prints. Material sourcing and process are both integral parts in the creation of her works. She is currently working on a research project, where she is collecting information on the effects of mass incarceration and creating socially engaged artwork. From this research she hopes to engage with the community affected by the justice system and draw attention to the much-needed reform.