Artist Statement

My art has always been an expression of the effects of my father’s incarceration, both on my family dynamic as a whole and my own personal experience of loss. Part of my work focuses on an inner look at the seclusion and abandonment I have felt from his absence. I express these emotions with paintings of the female nude, portraiture, and desolate landscapes; these forms represent vulnerability, emotions of anguish and grief. As I became more aware of the external affects his imprisonment had on our family and our home, I saw that projects were left incomplete and the barn began to weather and eventually was torn down. I see the relationship I had with my father reflected in the barn, where my most treasured memories are held. Our family’s barn is an important piece of symbology in my work as are, crows, textures and other materials like plexiglass.

The growing symbology I use to express the effects of his incarceration, is made up of color and forms combined with imagery derived from home, memories, nature, prison visitations, and my own personal relationship with my father. I am constantly experimenting with materials and methods of creating new artwork in an attempt to expand this visual language. My most recent work is in reflection of my research on incarceration and reentry, and ways in which mass incarceration is affecting the lives of families, children, and communities across the nation.